4Nature is a company that delivers a wide range of environmental improvements on behalf of its clients who range from National Park Authorities to the Forestry Commission to Local Authorities and many others.

With the current situation we have discussed whether we should continue to work and whether travel to and from work sites ‘essential’. Please read the following statement which has been taken directly from the Gov.uk ‘Guidance for employers and businesses on Coronavirus – Keeping your business open’.

“With the exception of some non-essential shops and public venues, we are not asking any other business to close – indeed it is important for business to carry on. However, you should encourage your employees to work from home unless it is impossible for them to do so.

Sometimes this will not be possible, as not everyone can work from home. Certain jobs require people to travel to their place of work – for instance if they operate machinery, work in construction or manufacturing, or are delivering frontline services.”

We recognise that it is impossible for our staff to work from home, and as such we are still continuing to operate and are following all the necessary precautions;

  • Daily checks are made by phone before leaving home to ensure neither staff are displaying any of the symptoms of Coronavirus.
  • Our two members of staff travel to and from sites in two separate vehicles.
  • Workers always keep at least the 2m minimum distance apart, but are often much further apart.
  • Workers have separate sets of tools to reduce the risk of cross contamination.
  • Anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitiser are kept in both vehicles and used regularly throughout the day.
  • Work sites are remote locations which should not have any members of the public on them, but the staff are always alert for walkers and ensure that they keep at least the 2m minimum distance from anyone they encounter whilst working.

With a number of our client’s employees being told to work from home, or being furloughed it is more important than ever that they can allow us, contractors that they trust, to continue to get onto sites and undertake the work they require to ensure that when restrictions are lifted the countryside will be ‘open’ and in a fit state for visitors.