Social Value

Social value looks beyond price alone to the collective benefit to the community and the wider world.  Since the Public Services (Social Value) Act went live in 2013 commissioners at all publicly funded organisations are required to consider the economic, social and environmental benefits of all procurement activities.

Regardless of this as a business we are committed to add social value wherever possible and this is embedded in our day to day practices.

– We are always willing and able to supervise and work alongside volunteer groups and we do not charge extra for this, just our standard day rate. This enables clients to get the best value from their budgets.

– We purchase all our materials from other local businesses to keep as much money as possible within in the local economy

– We buy FSC sustainable timber and use low impact working methods and machinery wherever possible.

– We regularly work in partnership with other smaller contractors, to provide a more comprehensive service to clients whilst also supporting other smaller businesses like ourselves.

– We sponsor a Guide Dog puppy called Cookie (picture of Cookie at the beach below!)